Community Connect

There are a ton of ways for the hobby and toy enthusiast community to connect online and in person. Below are some of the best communities available for connecting with similar interests groups. 

Craigslist is one of the oldest and most well known communities online. We recommend using Craigslist to treasure hunt for toys and accessories. Use this website to swap, sell, and purchase.

Reddit is a social network where any type of community you can think of has a presence. Reddit is a great resource for finding information/inspiration and connecting with like minded groups. Use Reddit for advice and gathering with toy and hobby communities online.

MeetUp is the place to go when you want to meet up in person. Toys and hobbies are best enjoyed with friends. MeetUp is an online platform that connects you with social groups that are dedicated to a variety of interests. The type and quantity of available groups are dependent on your area's interests and demographics. This is a great platform for finding new friends and events to attend in your area.

Facebook (now rebranded as Meta) is one of the first social networks and the most popular. There are a couple of advantages for using Facebook. First, there is the Marketplace, which allows users to swap, sell, and purchase nearly everything. You can arrange of shipping or meetup in person with local users to complete transactions. Facebook is also popular for communities. Similar to, users can join interest groups with like minded individuals.  Use Facebook to connect with toy and hobby enthusiast in your local area. 

eBay is one of the oldest marketplaces online. Its a great place to find the hardest to find accessories, parts, and collectibles. Most transactions are done online, but there are options for conducting business with a seller or buyer in person. Use eBay to source products and prices or sell your inventory.

Etsy is full of unique items, that are often custom made. This is a great marketplace for hobbyists. Use Etsy to commission custom made digital or physical products or sell your own.

YouTube is a video sharing platform where anyone can create a channel on nearly any topic and gain a dedicated following of viewers. YouTube is the worlds visual university. You can learn about anything here, including learning about toy and hobby related products and activities. Use YouTube to see video tutorials, product reviews, and commercials.

Your local hobby shop and independent toy stores are the best places to find the products you love and the people who know all about them. There is no better feeling that connecting with these products and people in the real world. Use our curated digital maps and our curated printable roadmaps to find stores near you.

Believe it or not, your local library is a sort of town square. If anyone knows what's going on in the community, your library likely does. The library is a great place to find out about local social events and they even have clubs for various interests groups. You can find information posted on bulletin boards inside your library or visit their website. Use the plethora of information available at your local library to connect with individuals and groups dedicated to your hobby of choice.

If you're located in the United States of America, most counties in your state of residence will have a local community center available for use. These community centers are established to connect the local public to all sorts of resources including recreational activities for free or at a reasonable cost. You'll be surprised at the type of events and clubs these centers host throughout the year. Many of these acitivies are also available to indivudals who live outside the county for a small fee.  Use this option for connecting with members of your local community.

Colleges and Universities

Similar to community centers, local community colleges and universities have events and clubs open to the general public. In many cases, you won't need to be a student or know a student to participate, but you'll need to keep a watchful eye on the websites and social media of these institutions to learn about them. Be prepared to pay a fee for access to these events, clubs, or workshops. Use this option for access to unique activities and classes not often available in smaller communities.

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